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That was a good evening: movie and drinks with friends

Well, after work shadowdaddy and I trotted over to the BFI to catch Tsai Ming Liang's Rebels of a Neon God. It was - disjointed and bizarre and really enjoyable, but not the kind of thing you'd want to go to with someone who didn't like "hard" cinema. I mean, there was very little dialogue, and a lot of showing and, shall we say, letting YOU, the audience member, think about what things meant. I did enjoy the elevator that went to floor Four (Death in Chinese) every time someone stepped into it, and the wonderful atmosphere of the apartment that was constantly being flooded through a drain - on the eighth floor.

Afterwards we trotted over to London Bridge, where we met up with spikeylady, julietk, bathtubgin and lilithmagna at Tas. God, I can't say how great it was to be with a group of truly my very favorite people in London, and all on a weeknight. Sure, yes, bring on more wine, and yeah, why not pour another glass. Of course we were all together because of spikeylady's bad news today, but I feel she was well on the road to Whatever by the time I made it there.

Home, tired, life is good, etc., and I really must get some sleep. Hoping to see Human Computer at the Battersea Arts Center tomorrow - anyone interested in going (if it's not actually sold out)?
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