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Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

Tonight I went dancing

Ceili dancing at Hammersmith Town Hall is a BLAST. I rocketed up and down the dance floor for two hours (not quite straight), polka-ing and twirling and do si do-ing and promenading. I did a special basket where we went ultra fast so the girls (me!) got lifted off the ground and swung around with their legs in the air ("Girls, arms on top, and don't let go!"). I asked a man in his early sixties to dance, and when he held my hand up for my turn, I did some kind of hopping skip with my hand behind my back that he thought was marvellous, thanking me later for making his night. Of course the whole time I had an ear-to-ear grin on my face.

My only regret was that I wasn't able to get wechsler out with us, as he was cutting a fine figure at djm's dance (and needs a break from his packing), but I did manage to convince mirrorshard to extract himself from the wilds of Leytonstone to join us, so I did alright. I am bound and determined to do the one they're hosting at Battersea Arts Center as a Masque of the Red Death late night on December 9th - it should be cool.

Work has been utterly packed this week and they've kept me going as fast as they could, though I did managed to have lunch with "the girls" on Monday and a really nice team lunch at Il Tartufo today, plus Pilates yesterday. I'm very happy with my short work week and even more happy with the way the hours fly by. Unfortunately I have to go in tomorrow, but I'm going to pull double time while I'm there, thereby feeding my crack theater habit. I also have to work on December 15th, which is going to play havoc with party co-hosting. Hopefully I can make it work somehow, and hopefully tomorrow I don't have to stay too late so I can catch the 6:15 Wayward Cloud at the BFI.

YAWN. Okay, have to go to bed now so I can be pretty for work tomorrow.
Tags: ceili, movies, tango foxtrot
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