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Missing post from yesterday?

Hmm, looks like my phone post saying "The Internets R Broken" never made it online yesterday. I'll resend it, why not (it may even show up before I finish writing this). This article captures the depth of my suffering: Bootcamp for breaking internet addiction! (But really, it was frustrating because we were supposed to book some vacations and buy Christmas presents, and I really didn't want to do that over the internet connection I can get on my phone.)

At any rate, I never left the house yesterday, really (it was just too cold) and we never got an internet connection going, thus leaving us forced to read books (I finished Dead Until Dawn, thanks to irrationalrobot for a book good enough to orient my weekend around), play games (Hunters and Gatherers, shadowdaddy continued his winning streak), and cook (pleased to say shadowdaddy made his - or rather the New York Times' - meatballs, perfect for feeding my uncle when he arrives Tuesday night).

I got a kick out of the link to the Lolinator in the Metro today. Here's my Saturday blog entry:

saturday... at wurk... it grind

man. i iz worn out. i slept grate but didn't want 2 get up.

i think maybe 5 days week uv wurk iz enough. six takez it out uv me.

sadli wtf i realli want 2 do tonite iz go bak hoem n play sili board game... n then sleep.

I suspect once this gets around LJ he'll be needing cohosting to handle the load ...
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