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Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

Day four of no internet at home; Proust update

This is frustrating. I need to get some things done before my uncle comes in (or I wanted to) and without an internet connection I'm stuck. That said, I still went and did fun things that didn't require a computer last night: in this case, dinner at bathtubgin's house. I must figure out her salad dressing recipe, although I'm not going to use my Modena balsamic vinegar to make it.

Proust is up to page 266 (he's riding the train with his girlfriend and playing with her head). I'm going to take a break from reading him for a week and get through Kage Baker's The Sons of Heaven so that I can send it on to thewronghands when shadowdaddy heads to the States next week. I've been waiting to finish this series since summer 2000, when I first read In the Garden of Iden. I bet I'll have it done before Saturday, time with uncle aside.

For the record: the Queijo de Azeitao Quinta do Viso Grande cheese we picked up in the airport in Lisbon is quite good, like a brie but without the moldy skin. Yum!

Oh, and my uncle is coming to visit us for a week, arriving tonight at St. Pancras. I won't be around as much online, though I will certainly be seeing the usual complement of shows. Now is the start of holiday madness for me!
Tags: cheese, proust
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