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A few more Thanksgiving recipes

Wow, Turkey Day is just around the corner.

As usual I'm looking for "a few good recipes," hoping maybe this year I'll find one good enough to crack the list of regulars (the most recent addition being the creamed corn gratin from three years back). I've loosened up on the stuffing and didn't made the 1789 "Heartstopper" Stuffing last year, going for a cornbread based one instead. Unfortunately this dried apricot and cherry stuffing seems designed for small portions; this apple rosemary recipe has now caught my eye and may be this year's new member at the table. (Not that this winter fruit one isn't looking at me flirtatiously right now, too.)

And a freshly made onion dip to keep my guests from starving while they wait? Yum!

This article on vegetarian options is impossible. Lentil croquettes? "Oven-Baked Marinated Tempeh?" I don't see much to be thankful for with those recipes.

A few more options that I might consider. If only the time I had to cook was infinite!
roasted parsnips with thyme
Zucchini and sausage casserole
Sweet potato chilaquiles with griddled salsa roja
Posole with southern greens, chayote, dried cherries, and pecans
Smashed rutabagas with ginger-roasted pears
Apple-filled acorn squash rings with curry butter
Butternut squash with tangerine and sage glaze
Haricots verts, roasted fennel, and shallots
Cornbread dressing with roasted fall vegetables (the picture for this is truly gorgeous)
Chestnut, prune, and pancetta stuffing
Wild rice dressing with roasted grapes and walnuts

Oh, MAN! How will I ever decide? (And now I'm thinking, ooh, I really should do a soup this year ... out of ... carrots?)
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