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So frustrated!

I have just spent almost two hours going in nearly every store on the high street looking for a few simple things: a pie pan (reusable or disposable), a meat thermometer just like this one, and a rolling pin.

I came back with: a box of Christmas cards, and some aluminum foil.

Woolworths, Robert Dyas, M&S, Sainsburys, Tchibo, Argos, Waitrose had NONE of these things. The crappy Shop & Save did have a five quid wooden rolling pin, but I couldn't bear to buy something so ugly and so cheap just to use once. Where did my old ones go? The Robert Dyas, it had a crappy meat thermometer, the kind you have to open up the oven and pull the turkey out to read, but it was only three quid cheaper than the one I really want and I didn't want to waste money on something that with luck I will only use once.

The utter lack of any sort of pie pan on the entire high street really shocked me.

I'm in a bit of a bad mood now. I thought, okay, we can save this by using my gigantor ceramic pie pan and just doubling the recipe for the filling, but no, can't do that either because NO ONE HAS PUMPKIN. Sainsbury's did have it but since they reorganized/remodeled their store they haven't got it back in yet.

This is not helpful. How are we going to have pumpkin pie tomorrow? It's one of the Five Requireds for Thanksgiving: turkey, stuffing, potatoes & gravy, pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce. Anyone can host Thanksgiving with just those items and in a pinch you can not make stuffing.

Truly, I despair.

Now my uncle and my husband have gone out to Do Things (including getting the turkey) and I am going to have myself a little nap as I'm quite worn out. Perhaps they shall find a pie pan while they are out, and even a blessed, fancy, ass-saving meat thermometer. It will make tomorrow so much better if they do. I shall think good thoughts in their direction as I become horizontal on the couch ....
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