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Marking the seasons

Ever since I read The Gossamer Years, I've become aware of the many little things that mark the passing of the seasons. We're not talking the decorations in the stores, but the changes in the light, the clouds, the weather, the plants, that show that time is moving on, and that it has circled back on itself.

In Phoenix, this was a little hard for me to do, as the change in the seasons was more suble. Once I started paying attention, though, I saw the markers: the ripening pecans and the time in the spring (usually March) when the air was filled with the smell of orange blossoms stand out for me. The monsoon skies of late July were too obvious to refer to.

Now that I am in a new place, I am looking for the markers here. And I found a new one today, that will be "the end of fall/start of winter" Thanksgiving-y time for me: seeing full grown, brown and white mottled swans - this spring's cygnets, almost all grown up but still hanging out with their parents - swimming on the river. Today I saw a group of six, two beautiful white ones, four teenagers, all still together. I wonder when the cygnets will leave? It did make me happy to see that so many of the brood had made it to maturity.

It looks like my trip to Palermo is off. Would anyone be interested in dropping everything and taking a three day weekend, Monday off, to go somewhere warm? Anyone? Bueller? Just let me know ...
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