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Conversations with a developer

Dev: Hi, can you explain this bug to me?
Me: What don't you understand?
Dev: Where is the error?
Me: It's in the bug report.
Dev: I don't see the error.
Me: Did you read the expected results? (Underlines relevant portion of printed out bug report.)
Dev (reads): No, I don't see the error.
Me (pointing): What about this part here?
Dev: What is the problem?
Me: It says it right here, under "expected result."
Dev: But that doesn't relate to the title of the bug.
Me (underlining title): Yes it does, right here.
Dev: Oh, do you mean you have a problem with the TEXT?
Me: Yes, you do not thank someone for registering when all they are doing is logging in. (Points to title, "Registered user is thanked for registering when they log in," and expected results, "A registered user with a full account shouldn't be thanked for registering, asked to complete their profile, or told their account details will be mailed to them.")
Dev: Oh. Oh. I get it.
Me: It is documented right in the title and in the expected results. (Fantasizes about beating developer about the head as he does this about twice a day.) Let me know if you have any more questions. (Implied: providing you read the fucking defect report before you come over here.)

LATER: I punish the developer by writing up a bug about misspellings in his ALT tags.
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