Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維 (webcowgirl) wrote,
Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

Because work is frustrating - Christmas notes

I figure I'm not likely to get random presents from anyone on Ye Olde LJ, but my Christmas wishes are expressed best as "give experiences, not stuff."

I value time spent with people. If you want to give me something "special" for Christmas, please give me the gift of your time. Go see a play or a movie with me, take me out to dinner, or have me over to yours - for dinner or for a movie night or some card or board games. Meet me for drinks. Talk to me. Share yourself. This will mean far more to me than any clutter for my apartment. (I do like stuff, but really, I don't need any more of it, and usually I just buy whatever I need for myself.) And, hey, I don't need this just for Christmas; my unbirthday is 364 days of the year and I'd love to see you then, too.

(PS: I would jump over prams full of toddlers for a box of home made Christmas cookies, but since I don't think any of my friends are bakers, I'll just mention it as an aside. That said, Charbonnel and Walker is a good consolation prize, as well as nice oolong and Darjeeling teas.)

Along these lines, huge thank yous go out to wordknitter and irrationalrobot for the gift of their presence this year around shadowdaddy's birthday. I know you guys blew the budget for the year coming out to see us and it really means a lot to us. Ditto for scarlettina - I hope you had a good time. And butterbee: two weeks with you will make the season merrier than any ugly sweater or born obsolete bit of electronics. Thanks so much for wanting to spend your time with us!
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