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Memories of last night? Laughing my head off.

After a rather rough start to this morning (work up exhausted, too slow getting out the door, then caught the wrong train out of Streatham, eventually leading to an hour and a half trip home), my day picked up quite a bit. I went to Notting Hill and met my former Tripadelic coworker Josh at the Notting Hill Taqueria (which he was ecstatic about ), then walked to Hyde Park to check out the Winter Wonderland thing. A Christmas theme Haunted House ride? Bizarre. Free hot samples of Pimms? Awesome. I could have cared less about the rides, the various food booths, and the booths selling knick knacks, no matter the German theme or not.

It then started to rain, and with all of humanity, we made our way to the Marble Arch tube stop, where it took us THREE TRAINS to finally get on. PACKED, I tell you! Back to my house for some tea and snacks (leftovers from last night's party, much better served warm out of my oven) and tea, then we looked at apartments nearly long enough to miss the show at Riverside, which to my surprise started at 7 ("Move! Move! We've got to go!") instead of 7:30.

Gekidan Kaitaisha was quite good - while I thought it was going to be more about 9/11, it was also quite a bit about the "comfort women" of World War II, and of course the overall negative effects institutionalizing violence has on a society. I found it quite thought provoking. And it made me wish m_vemilion was watching it with me, even though Josh liked it.

Then it was off to the Dove for more catch up, and the evening was done! I'm home now and off to bed soon - I just didn't get enough rest last night and I need to catch up.
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