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Masque of the Red Death has been extended!

Great news, folks: Masque of the Red Death has been extended into April! So if you missed it before, you've got a chance to catch it now. I'd say just jump on it and book your tickets for whenever you're planning on going. This ruins my chances of selling my tickets for a quick 200 on Ebay, but so it goes. Oh, and New Year's eve is available: you could go and still make a party! (I'll be going with a good sized crew on Sunday the 30th: it's going to be a blast!)

Meanwhile, they're having a "Red Death Ceili" on Friday the 7th, this Friday. Would anyone be interested in going with me PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE? It's at 9 PM and I REALLY want to go.

Um. My big accomplishment of the evening was making stacked sour cream green chile chicken enchiladas. I had some frozen sauce, there was unused sour cream from the Thanksgiving creamed corn gratin, and wechsler had bought a roasted chicken for lunch we'd failed to finish off. Oh, and I had a can or two of salade mechouia from our trip to Tunisia to provide the proper green chile kick (for mine, W had the chile free version). Dang, they were good. Also, I had a nice phone chat with bathtubgin. I feel lucky to have such good friends here. My cup runneth over!
Tags: ceili, theater
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