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Note from my dad

"I put a box in the mail for you this very day...I was the one photographed weeping as I left the post office. No, I was not weeping because my little, bitty, girl grew up to be an intelligent beautiful woman (hell, why whould I weep about that??!!) I was weeping at the cost of Pirority Overseas mail for 7' 14". I put a value of $45.87 on the customs' declaration. If you have to pay import duties on THAT too, lemme know. Poppa

"P. S. You and shadowdaddy are equally as smart as anyone else I can think of; What are good songs about fathers? There are scores of songs about mothers, mom, momma, grandmom, ma, etc. But short of Holly Dunn's "Daddy's Hands", Skip Ewing's incredible "Dad", Eddie Fishers ancient, but venerable, "Oh My Papa", Gene Autry's "That Silver-Haired Daddy of Mine", and Judy Collins' "Song of My Father", the only other ones I could think of was "Hot Rod Lincoln", and the Kingston Trio's "Reverend Mr. Black" only because they mention Dad in both of them. ANy suggestions would be welcome. I am to pooped to think right."

My response: "Cats in the Cradle."
Tags: family
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