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A little more Proust; a little too much drag queen solo show

Sodom and Gomorrah is steadily marching on. I'm at page 308 right now. Our Hero is at a dinner party with "the faithful" (originally introduced in Swann in Love) at a country home called La Raspeliere, and I'm about to get to watch a man attempt to not be introduced to a woman he promised her arch enemy he'd never make the acquaintance of.

The evening got off to a rather stressful start when I went to get some money for dinner and realized I'd very much like to be paid tomorrow, if not yesterday, but thankfully, Miss booklectic repaid her theater ticket in yummy food for me (Ooze on Goodge Street, a risotto restaurant and clearly the best named joint I've seen in ages) so I was covered. We had a really pleasant conversation over our plates of gooey delish, and I realized I was quite lucky to get a night alone with her and the pleasure of a private visit.

Then it was off to The Drill Hall for Bitchslapped by God. Well, perhaps it might have been a good show, and I think the actor (Everett Quinton) was more than competent, but watching him play, I don't know, some eight different characters, plus dancing puppets doing a jazz Nutcracker, animated dolls re-enacting some kind of Snidely Whiplash/Polly Pureheart drama, and a trio of cutout faces which he used to play a series of elves having a chat with Mrs. Claus was just a bit overwhelming. He went too quickly from one charactter to the next (just basically turning around and addressing the air where he was just standing) and wasn't really capturing the differences between the "characters." It was some kind of anti-war thing (black helicopters snatching away participants in the Million Santa March), but ... well, it just wasn't coherent. Or interesting. In fact, I was kind of dozing off. When intermission rolled around, I dashed away as quickly as I could, feeling guilty about leaving booklectic behind, but ... well, closing eyes are a sure sign it's time to call it a night.

And now I'm home and I think, rather than staying up drinking wine until 11:30, I'm going to hit the sack a bit earlier tonight.
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