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My lunch date cancelled

I've clearly lost my mind, as I'm amusing myself by entering test data as follows, just to entertain myself.

Pooper scooper power seller
Job Description: Move that poop, move that scoop! We're convinced this is the hottest item of the holiday season. It'll be more than coal shovelled in your stocking this year!

Location: Bath, Avon
Job Type: Seasonal
Position: IT
Sector: Home/DIY
Posted: 07/12/2007 11:14 Hr

Recruiter: Scoop It
Contact Name: P Scoopy
Email: scoopy@poo.com

I'll be seeing this data for weeks and it will make me laugh every time.

I was only able to get motivated to get out of bed because I was looking forward to lunch at Snazz Szechuan today. I've been invited to a different lunch now, but really, I'd like to just skive off for the afternoon.
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