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Yes, folks, I decided to attack my sour mood today with a strong dose of Panto. So off to the Hackney Empire I went - rushing a bit, as start time was 7 (or not. But I did get there on time, even if they delayed the start until 7:15 or so).

The theater was sadly only half full (especially when you consider the rave writeup it got in the Metro this morning), and we were berated a bit for not cheering loudly enough ("You paid your money, you'll might as well try to enjoy yourself, it'll get you out of here sooner") and laughing at the appropriate moments (I'm sorry, a pun on "Black Pearl"/Blackpool Tower is a bit lost on me). But the singing was very much on key, if too much toward the moderne style that I dislike so much (I don't know, does it really keep the kiddies coming?), there was a fair bit of fun dancing (I have to say the extremely skinny four year old was cracking me up), as well as garish costumes, sexual innuendo, and actors cracking each other up.

There was an undersea dance number featuring a clownfish sculpture that was so heart felt I felt it should be called "Finding Emo."

And there were MONKEYS. A whole scene, I tell you, on "Monkey Island," with a giant, King-Kong style puppet. And there was a ship that floated across the stage, split, and sunk; and a transmorgrifying fairy that turned from a smallish human into a tiny doll that was pulled up from the stage into the balcony on a string. It all basically made no sense at all (this cannot be considered a spoiler) and I had tears trickling out the corners of my eyes during the very first scene. wechlser and I had a great time and I consider the evening a grand success.

(Oh, and I should mention, both the Cat (fabulous dancing; spoke only in "meows") and King Rat (in leather trouser and knee-high boots) were VERY sexy - a sure treat for many of the ladies on my flist.)

I had good luck getting home - only an hour - and now I've had a pizza, I'm ready for a long due Winter Nap and Saturday lie-in.


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Dec. 8th, 2007 03:00 am (UTC)
Your snaps from the show tickled me no end.

As I cleaned my desk, I realized that I owe you a nice long chatty letter with comments on school and other RL details. Expect something in the next week or so.
Dec. 8th, 2007 11:47 am (UTC)
Wow, that would be really nice.

I got your Christmas card. I've got one for you but I need to get some international stamps.
Dec. 16th, 2007 04:21 pm (UTC)
I saw this on Saturday with my six year old and we liked it, although perhaps not as much as you did. That puppet was fab.

Having endings is a panto tradition - they wrap up the 'story', then there's a front-of-curtain sing song while the set is changed and everyone else changes for the final final scene, involving people coming down some stairs.
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