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Busy weekend ahead

Last night I was somehow talked in to helping doorbell for Judy Nicastro this Sunday. Am I crazy? I haven't done doorbelling since the Adam Smith campaign back in the day. It will help assuage my guilty conscience, though. I really want her to win but I feel like it's at the point that no amount of money will really make a difference.

I got Hoarders Rewards today when I trotted down to the basement and discovered, YES!, the candy I had bought in early September was perfectly suited to being used for the little Hallow-weiners that are going to be coming around the offices today. I've also got my office all tricked out in skeletons and not-too-scary spookiness. I can't wait to see all of the little kids - I'm sure it will be much more rewarding that anything I might see at home.

I did manage to get the second book in the Kushiel's saga last night, but I found myself working on Perdido Street Station instead. I got caught up reading it on my way back from work on the bus, on my first trip into the bus tunnel from I-90. It was kind of goofy - I got very "I love Seattle" on the way in - something about all of the pretty lights of the city, from the spotlit Independence Hall-like turret of Providence Medical Center, to the green Jose Rizal Bridge, to the charming garlands of red lights streaming up both sides of the freeway - it was just one of those "New York, New York" moments, when I wanted to say, "I want to make it in this town! I want to make this town work, and me in it!"

Worthy Opponent and I got in a one on one game of Puerto Rico last night that turned into a Hardboiled-style bloodbath. Somehow we got to a point where it was absolutely impossible for us to make any money at all for the last half of the game. Basically, we had three different goods in the trading house, and neither of us could get to the point of producing a fourth different good (for me, with so many of the resources removed, I couldn't get the tobacco I needed to make my tobacco house work since they only came up once the whole game; for worthy opponent, the total lack of money meant he couldn't muster the three doubloons he needed to get a coffee roaster) so that we could sell a few more goods - and since it was one on one, there was no prospector or unused guys to get doubloons. I could have got us over the hump if I had bought an office instead of a tobacco storage facility, because that would have allowed me to empty out the trading house with a second good of the same type, but my money was all gone once I'd bought the tobacco storage, so we were deadlocked. We wound up skipping even playing the trader and builder for the last four rounds because we just couldn't do a damn thing with them. The final score was 33 to 28, with not ONE of the large buildings on the board. Man! And the whole thing was over in 45 minutes, too. I felt like, "Yeah, I can't make a living on this island, either, but at least I can make sure it's worse for you!"

Despite my bus-ride epiphany, I drove in today, I think because I want to go somewhere for lunch. But in truth, I drove in because I knew that TODAY would be the day that I would get to have an accident blocking traffic, so I wanted to make sure I spent as long as possible sitting on the freeway so I could really get into it.

I have a build to verify so it's probably time for me to get on it ...

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