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The Metro makes it official


Full text here (or below the cut for future reference ...Christmas starts at the end of this week for millions of workers.

One in three employees – some 9million people – will 'mentally switch off' at 5pm Friday and do virtually no work next week.

Office gossip, long lunches, Christmas shopping and Internet browsing will be the top priorities for many workers, a poll found.

Half of the workers confessed to noticeably slowing down in the build-up to the festive break with more than a third naming December 14 as the day when that feeling really kicks in.

Nearly half thought coming into work with a hangover during the festive build-up was acceptable, the survey of more than 2,500 people by Teletext Holidays found.

Almost a third of workers will make up meetings so they can sneak out for gift buying and a third will spend time contacting friends and relatives with gift ideas.

Also, one in five people will spend up to five hours online at work looking for holidays for next year or gift buying for friends and family.
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