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Dang, I was busy today. Christmas party. Ethiopian food.

I was up and off to booklectic's for cohosting duties (and didn't even read LJ!) before noon today. However, this was Official Transportation Woe Day, and I had to reroute myself once I got to the Putney Bridge station because I am Teh Dumb and forgot there were NO TRAINS SOUTH. Doh. Cue further movement to get to Putney mainline station, amazingly perfect transfer at Clapham Blah Blahteddy Blah all happy families are the same, but each miserable one is miserable in its own way, ditto train woes. And since the trains were not running at all to Worcester Park last week due to a slide (sound familiar, Seattle people?), I was grateful to get a train at all, slow running though it was.

Hours of party madness. Food. Just a few drinks. Zombie Fluxx. Many nice people. A very late shadowdaddy. Vegetarians in leather pants. Rar. And of course, the Getting Home of Doom, which went down the toilet when the train that showed up before ours "hopped the points" or something and clogged up the whole freaking line and meant we had to take a bus to a whole 'nother train station and BLAH BLAH BLAH an hour and a half later we are home and I'm thinking scarlettina had the right idea with the flannel sheets. I am, however, sad that we couldn't stop by a Chinese food joint and get some congee on the way home.

That said, what I'm really wanting to do here is witter on about the wonderful Ethiopian food we got last night. We went up to a place on Caledonian road, over the bridge that crosses the Camden canal, called Merkato (193A Caledonian road). I can't tell you how exciting it was to walk into a restaurant that smelled like frankincense and Doro Wat! There were hand painted portraits of Ethiopian women on the walls, embroidered table clothes, and chipper music playing over the loudspeakers - it was just like being back at Mesob in Seattle! And, unlike Queen of Sheba, our food, when it arrived, was in GENEROUS portions, and so, so tasty! The injera was flabby, alas (I don't think they used tef to make it), but when we ran out, they gave us more with no questions. We stuffed ourselves for 21 quid (just a bottled water, no beer), and for vegetarians you could feed two for 14, I'm pretty sure. We thought it was DELICIOUS and wonderful and I look forward to going there again!
Tags: cheap eats in london, public transportation in london sucks
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