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Holiday schedule

I'm looking forward to a great two weeks. Here's what's happening:

19 Dec Wednesday: a warm-up boozerama with the work folks, then Kiki and Herb (with booklectic!)
20 Dec Thursday: dinner at robot_mel's.
21 Dec Friday: work lunch, then party chez us (Winterbrew! ask for details). End of work for two weeks!
22 Dec Sat: Pinocchio at the ROH with bathtubgin
23 Dec Sun: Handel's "Messiah" with Emma Kirkby singing and the company of rosamicula.
24 Dec Mon: butterbee arrives! Dinner at ours.
25 Dec Tues: Christmas with shadowdaddy, butterbee and wechsler. I think we'll be having goose.
26 Dec Weds: Boxing day Cinderella panto matinee!
27 Dec Thurs: Dennis Severs house tour, 6:30; possible trip to the Wellcome collection and the sleep exhibit.
28 Dec Friday or 29 Dec Saturday: Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake (getting details together - other night free).
30 Dec Sunday: Masque of the Red Death!
31 Dec Monday: Ye Olde New Year's Eve Bash!
1 Jan Tuesday: recovery.
2 Jan Wednesday: my one day of work.
3 Jan Thursday: go to Paris with butterbee.
4 Jan Friday: more Paris!
5 Jan Sat: return in time for evening shenanigans.
6 Jan Sun: anticipate return to work *sigh*
7 Jan Mon: butterbee leaves. Wah.
8 Jan Tuesday: see Les Patineurs at the ROH; mourn the end of the festive season over mulled wine.
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