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Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

Proust update; dreams; Sunday; Santa

Proust (Sodom and Gomorrah) currently at page 376. He's got insomnia; I had it, too. I dreamed I had been arrested for getting on a freight train instead of the tube and was being held in an ignorant commuter reeducation center, but they kept forgetting I was there, forgetting to educate me, forgetting to feed me. I called my mom in the hospital to let her know I was going to be very late getting home. Finally, I asked a man who looked like he was in charge to call a cab to take me home, and he did, but the cab also just basically never showed up ... and then I woke up.

We had alex_tiefling and friend_of_tofu over for pasta e fagiole and a round of Alhambra last night (I won by four points; A, despite being a newb, played a VERY competetive game and it was only my amazing Exterior Wall Of 11 Points in the first round that pushed me over the top). After they left, I had a great chat with my sister in Arizona. She'll definitely be coming out in April, with her husband, for a combination UK/Italy tour, sometime in late April. It will be a blast!

Meanwhile, I want Santa to bring me this, but I would have had to put in a request before he went to Vegas. Oh well.
Tags: games, proust

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