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Biorythmns all off today. Humbug.

Well, what all went wrong today. I arrived at work in plenty of time for my 10 AM meeting and then found out it had started early. I sat through five hours of stuff that I thought was going to be training but was other people arguing about how to do some work I'm not involved in. I left the meeting to go to another meeting, then discovered I'd got the time wrong for that meeting and had the choice of going to the meeting where I had nothing to contribute (and looking like a liar) or ... making a cup of tea and taking a bit of time to catch up on the day's email. And looking like a liar.

The company party got moved an hour later, so I couldn't go to it at 7 (at TCR) and attend Kiki and Herb at 8 PM (at Shepherd's Bush). I've become too fat to wear the dress I'd brought to wear this evening. My hair wouldn't stay up.

And I forgot the tickets for the show - they had mailed them to me. I thought they could reprint them at the venue like they can for every other show I've been to see. Only (I found out after standing for 20 minutes in the very very cold in a too tight and too short dress), they can't.

So I went home. And here I am. Bah. I am drinking hot apple cider and Pimms and I've spiked it with rum. I've got an rosamicula coming over Christmas eve and a bathtubgin who's going to see the Dior exhibit with me on Saturday before the ballet, and I arranged those things today because I need some stuff to look forward do, besides looking fat and having bad hair and missing a show I've been looking forward to for three years because I am stupid and left the tickets at home.

More drinking. This night will improve if I add rum to my drink. I know it will.

Oh, and thank you to wordknitter and irrationalrobot for the presents. It's nice to be remembered. :-)

LATER: Shopping will make things better. I bought a garish sweater that I think will cheer me up when it gets here.
If you know my love for sea anemones, you can see that this was a must-have..
Tags: bah humbug, shallow fashion details, whinging
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