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Shockingly cold - with sun. Doorbelling for Judy

The weather came through today with afternoon sunshine (after only being good enough to get me to lay around on the couch yesterday) and I held up quite well for four or so hours wandering the streets of Ravenna knocking on the door of selected frequent voters to ask them to Vote for Judy Nicastro. One guy gave my doorbelling companion quite an earful about Judy's shortcomings on the South Lake Union issue (I agreed with him, unfortunately, that she has been too quick to roll over and play dead for Paul Allen on this). DoorPal had a great take on city politics: he said the whole Seattle Times anti-Judy slant (she's done much less bad than Jim Compton and far more good, but she is reviled by the paper while the "I couldn't possibly be biased against Paul after getting free jet rides to see his basketball team play in Portland, so I'll just keep voting on his land-use issues, thankyouverymuch" guy got a recommendation. It's just so sad that he's the police-point person when he was totally unresponsive to both my personal and all of Capitol Hill's requests to improve police responsiveness to our neighborhood problems. Anyway, DoorPal said that Frank Blethen, owner of the Seattle Times, is not only anti-Judy but anti-citywide elections by district because he MUST sell his land to Paul Allen if he's going to be able to bail out his in-debt newspaper, and that sale cannot take place unless he's got a play-dead city council that lets Allen get his way on all the land use issues he's got going in South Lake Union right now. I guess that convinced me to vote yes on districts - it has sound political theory behind it, too, about getting people more involved in politics locally AND making the government more responsive. We'll see if it passes.

The sunny, frigid weather (did we really have snow on the first of November?) had me crazy to get planting my flower bulbs, and though I did get an hour or more of work in the backyard after my return, I only got around to pulling the dahlias and gladiolas out in preparation for their Long Winter Nap. I even got a guest visit from Worthy Opponent, on break from the show he's working on to pick up lighting gels. I gave him the car, too, dooming myself to an evening at home. This meant I had the List of Things to Do that I hadn't really tackled yesterday staring me straight in the eye, so I did some dishes and ... well, made a kind of sausage-noodle-cheese bake thing for dinner that was darn good. I'm going to try to get some more dishes done before I go to bed, and edit the Early Music Guild newsletter, but after reading Perdido Street Station for an hour or so I think it's time to mostly just wind down and head to bed. Maybe tomorrow evening I'll go to Julia's and sing a bit. I was trying to move heaven and earth to reschedule a meeting on Tuesday, but heaven and earth have been highly resistant, and it looks like I'm going to have to bag on the party and work instead - volunteer work, mind you, but not as fun as the Kona Kitchen.

Friday night I handed out candy to trick or treaters for about two hours, then went up the street for our traditional Piecora's Halloween dinner. Upon our return, shadowdaddy only finally got serious about getting into his costume (requiring some serious makeup work as well as a new haircut for the wig) once Brandon and sallysimpleton showed up, so we missed the "pre-funk" across the street and had to throw ourselves on the tender mercies of the Mercury. Brandon was completely goggling at all of the hot women out on the streets of Capitol Hill, making himself look like quite the East side tourist despite his high heels and perfect hair. The Merc was shockingly quiet, I suspect because many of the patrons were off at the SeaGoth party down in SoDo. Some of that Halloween sexual energy did kind of kick in around midnight, when we had a naughty nurse on the dance floor shaking that thong-clad thing and a hispanic maid getting quite fresh with what I assume was a gladiator. The group of four people walking around chained together weren't the least bit hot, despite their own obvious delight at each other (so sad that seeing people spank each other in public should be nothing but dull), and they got in the way when I was dancing. I had this sudden vision when "Bela Lugosi Is Dead" came on of every single person on the dance floor suddenly having their degree of coolness stamped forever on their heads based on their performance to this Lord High Goth song; with this in mind, I decided that "Bela" was all about me shaking my sparkly butt as much as possible so that I could get some good action out of the fringe on my dress. Bouncers did not appear to forcibly eject me from the bar, but somehow I think it would not have been inappropriate. The DJ followed this song with "GO!" by Tones on Tail, making me incredibly happy and giving me an excuse to do the pony, the shag, and the frug. I blame the dress for it all!

Last night after the Chicago party we actually got in a game of Puerto Rico with Cathy. Worthy Opponent broke with his usual strategy (get lots of people and buy a factory) and followed my lead in getting a coffee roaster, ensuring himself both placement on the boats I was plugging up with my product and succeeding in keeping me out of the trading house (due to my stupidity in keeping my office populated - a game-losing error). My plan to buy Office, Coffee Roaster, and Wharf in that order was followed to the T, but I got very little use out of my Wharf and would have done better if I'd saved the money for a turn and got first pick of the large violet buildings instead. As it was, I was stuck with the remainders after W.O. and Cathy had both bought two buildings each. Cathy and I tied 54-54, but even with his colossal error in shipping (and ending the game) when he had NOT populated his second large building - forgetting to notice that that move WAS the end of the game - W.O. won the day with, I think, 58 or so points. Of course, we had fun, but since it was 1 AM when we finished we called it a night at that point - a very good night.

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