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The holiday blahs set in

People just aren't generating enough LJ content to keep me amused these days. What's wrong with you people? Write, dammit, write! Otherwise you'll force me to admit defeat and go out of the house, or worse yet, join Facebook.

I've been sleeping rather a lot these days, which I think is mostly due to post-cold recovery but might have a bit of post-holiday blah to it. I am getting tired rather easily, but I can't tell if the solution is to do more or to do less. Every day I've had just a few things to take care of - get bills paid, item X for trip Y, reconfirm Z, whatever, but no actual challenges. I think I want to be playing more games. And then there's the weather. What is it about those clouds outside that should really make me want to leave my house? I could be napping on the couch. Instead, I think I'll put away clothes for a while, have some more tea, go to Borough Market with butterbee and shadowdaddy, hit the Hayward, and then meet up with spikeylady for pizza and a trip to Matthew Bourne's Nutcracker. Somehow, though, I could see a few more board games in my immediate future, but we'd have to have wechsler here to really make it work. The nerve of him going to Cambridge when there's lazing to do!

Harrumph, bah, and humbug. There's no excuse, is there? I really must just put down the computer and reduce the mountain of clothes in my bedroom. I could have a whole other guest sleeping in there and not know right now. But first, of course, there will be tea.
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