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Many distractions - ballet, etc.

Am I the only person that's the least bit excited about the upcoming ballet? Casting has been announced, and given the fact that Worthy Opponent will still be working on his show until Friday night, I'm going to go Thursday. It's always the gold cast opening night, and I'll get to see dreamy Arianna Lallone dance. Plus, after seeing him at the roundtable last week, I think Olivier Wevers is even hotter than ever, and they'll be dancing together that night. Vrrooom! I mean, er, such artistry!

I actually started being able to be productive at work last week. One of my coworkers (female) had my flu - and then a second (male) had the same flu - so I wound up doing both of their work, at least in this one little area I was able to understand (it's testing a database upgrade, and the test cases are written out pretty clearly). She was coordinating, and I executed his and my test cases - and added in her coordination. Suddenly I was busy! I also picked up doing my former office mate (the intern)'s build verification tests, and my uber-boss taught be how to use this fancy test tool to force the server to see time/date/price changes. Then everyone wanted me to do their work that uses this tool. Suddenly the week was flying by ...I wrote my very own first bug, closed two more, and was asked if I was ready to take on an area for testing for the next release (the first one is happening in December, but I assume planning for the June release is well along already). I guess I'm slowly becoming "real," just like the velveteen rabbit.

I was weak and went out to lunch with my coworkers today ... it was just so nice out I had to get in it! And, to my delight, two of them decided to walk back to the office ... giving me the perfect excuse to really get to enjoy the sunshine. I was dressed for it! My coworker Ying complimented me on the coat I was wearing today, and I had to brag that I had got it for only $10 at the thrift store (the old mega-one on 45th in Ballard). She said, "Man, I'd have paid $10 for just the buttons! You got that coat for free!" And yeah, it's a darn nice coat, and it makes me happy that I got it so cheaply - far more than if I'd just had the money and bought it new. Aren't I strange? I suppose I should probably sew the lining back in it, though ... it is looking tatty, and that is NOT how I like my thrift store scores to look.

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