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Visited by other people, loving the sun

A guy named rik is here visiting us right now. Apparently some of you know him.

I think I should post about the ballet yesterday, but the sun is shining and suddenly my whole life is Get the Fuck Out of the House. Now I understand why I haven't wanted to go anywhere for the last three days. I'll be at Borough Market before an hour has passed, and then, it'll be The Rake this afternoon

My Red Peach Keemun tea seems to have violently hit the one year mark and is now getting stale. I'm sad about this. But my new cashmere sweater with the birds on it has shown up and it's BEAUTIFUL. I should throw out five other sweaters in celebration of how perfect this one is. (I should mention, it's not actually new, it's old and it even has some repair spots in it, but I don't care because I like it when my clothes look just a little bit lived in.)

I'd be sad I don't really have any money to hit any of the sales right now but 1) I really don't NEED anything and 2) I'm "poor" because I'm blowing my money on Egypt and Paris (with butterbee) and I decided that "experiences not stuff" is how I want to be blowing my dough, so these are the decisions I've made and the consequences, so even if I'm missing some really good deals, it's not like I don't have enough makeup, moisturizer, and glamorous dresses to get by.
Tags: ebay, i have no motivation, tea
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