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Too many things to keep up with posting

I swear to God I am about taking a day off just to catch up with blogging. There's also dishes, grocery shopping, Christmas tree dismantling and other things to attend to, but I am really feeling the pressure of being behind on my blogging! That said I realize most people who have me on their friends list don't give a rat's patootie about my trips to see plays and look at paintings, so I've put my review of Matthew Bourne's Nutcracker on the Wordpress site I created a few weeks back to handle my authorial overflow. I need to review the "Painting of Modern Life" show (er, well, yesterday was the last day to see it, so who really cares other than ms_vermilion) and the sleep exhibit we went to at the Wellcome as well as Masque of the Red Death still. But today is taking it easy day - I want to make sure everyone is in good shape so we can make it to the party tonight and be bright and shiny.

Er, yeah, about Masque: does anyone want to go back, say in April? It was really just cool as snot and it has been extended and I realized at the end of the night when I was looking for my lost cards that I'd actually missed many rooms in there still.

Exciting moments from Masque: while in the bar, I was picked for a mind reading exercise in which Mr. Usher attempted to figure out what initials I had in my mind. (JM! How shocking!) After I left I was trapped in a room by an elder actor, who kicked everyone else out, gave me absinthe, and begged the forgiveness of me, his "long lost sister, Rose." I also had another actor reach out to me, and when I reached back, he said, "See! See how the spirits respond to me!" I was very pleased to have so much interaction, and I guess wearing the Victorian costume really did work for me. (If only I had not tried for authenticity with my damned bag!)

Also re: lost Oyster card: it's a good thing my pass had expired as the card I have registered is the one shadowdaddy has. So the 8 quid pay as you go I had on that is lost to the winds. I guess only being down 30 from losing the contents of your wallet isn't so bad.
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