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The new year, a new goal, the new book list

First: Dead in Dallas by Charlaine Harris, does anyone have a copy they can lend me?

Second: Thanks to finishing Queueing for Beginners (a great gift about various quotidian elements of English culture, bathtubgin, thanks so much! - and, does anyone want to borrow it?), I managed a record breaking 37 books this year. I've, as usual, got about 8 books on the burner right now - Connie Willis' Water Witch, Robin McKinley's Dragon Haven, Proust's Sodom and Gomorrah, the second Jasper Fforde book, a few short story collections, etc. - so there's no telling what I'll finish first.

My goals for the year (as tracked in the sidebar of my journal) for reading will be to 1) finish the entirety of Remembrance of Things Past (need to buy "The Sweet Cheat Gone" and "Time Regained" though) and 2) to read 40 books. Thanks to the Proust, the other 37 books are likely to be somewhat light, but I've got four Charlaine Harris books waiting for me and every intention of buying the ones I didn't get before, so I've got a head start in that direction! Who'd think I'd develop a taste for fluffy detective novels?
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