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Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow you may diet

I'd like to see about getting my eating habits under better control - no more gaining 7-10 pounds every year. And I know I eat too much and I've stopped paying attention to portion control.

I had really good luck with Weight Watchers in the past, though I have no intention of going to any meetings, just using their online tools. Is anyone interested in doing this with me? Unlike Atkins and Ornish, you can eat anything, really, but ... well, if I could only show you the Cosmo article I read many years ago comparing the three, you'd see that WW is the only sensible one out there - much less abandonment due to feelings of scarcity (that's not the right word but I'm hardly at my best right now).

I'm just interested in doing this for three months at present, and I want a buddy so we can cheerlead each other. Hopefully I'm not being triggering in anyway - I'm just tired of my gut hanging over my waistband and constantly having to buy new clothes because I don't fit in my old ones.

Bueller? Anyone?

(By the way, there's an article on the topic in today's New York Times. Summary: eat less and exercise more and you will lose weight (slowly!) and be healthier. "Meals replete with vegetables, fruits and whole grains and a small serving of a protein-rich food remain the gold standard of a wholesome diet." Yum! It also reminds vegenarians to add B12 to their diet to reduce the chance of senility.)
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