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I am slipping! (Book blogging)

Somehow I actually read 38 books this past year. I just discovered another one I forgot - Eduard Morike's Mozart's Journey to Prague, a bizarre little novel I read as part of the "Blog a Penguin Classic" event. A lot of you signed up for this: did any of you finish your books?

I am being stymied in my efforts to get a hardback of my next volume of Proust. I even had a kindly person at Penguin send me the ISBN to help in my book searching. Number 9780713996081, where are you? It appears that everyone that got a hardback copy of the latest translation of The Prisoner and the Fugitive is holding on to it tightly. Seriously, the only place that's given me even a whiff of a hope of getting a copy is some bookstore in Turkey (go figure). Meanwhile, my addled brain has devoted rather a lot of time looking at sites about Proust. I am especially fascinated by the various characters said to inspire his characters. The seductive, secretive lady who convinces a well-placed man to marry her and ruins his social standing, setting herself up for a life in which she can never be invited to the same parties her husband is? Laure Hayman. The gorgeous duchess whose parties our narrator long dreamed of, and yet who turns out (in my mind) to love only herself? The Comtesse Greffulhe, whose husband cares not for art at all and is the perfect snob and looks exactly as I pictured him. (I also did some research on some Proustian places in Paris, so that I might visit them while we are there and have a remembrance of things passed, as it were. We'll see which we have the time to see, or if we'll just be talking about looking for the time we lost while we were there, doing other things.)

I've also put in a request for my boss and his boss to get funded to go to the conference in May. Keep your fingers crossed for me.
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