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Back from Paris

Despite being sick as a dog, I had a good time in Paris.

The shocking thing is how very NICE the people were. I've really become used to surly service at restaurants, but people seemed genuinely caring and sweet. The hotel proprietress was just very kind in dealing with me being ill. And the woman on the Metro who tore off a page of her paper so I could read about the Iowa primaries - how great was that? I think I ate too much (although after the cold hit I lightened way, way up) and I walked more than I should of given my health. Today's trip to the Bois du Boulogne was a wash, as even if I had been healthy the cold and rain, um, "dampened the mood" must have been created from days like this, really. All I could think of was sitting somewhere warm and dry and not doing anything until the train came. We pretty much succeeded at that during the rest of the afternoon, though there was tea buying.

Anyway, no going out for me after I made it home today. Thank you to wechsler for coming over and making food for all of us. I really appreciated it, even if you couldn't tell from looking at me sitting there half-asleep at the dinner table.

That said, I've really been crazed for the crack journal tonight - almost three hours of reading to catch up (and make the appropriate comments). I did remember to change my user picture. And there was YouTube - I watched "My Posse's on Broadway" (which I had NEVER heard before - the video shows what are now "classic" shots of Broadway on Capitol Hill - whoda thunk it?) after reading about the Taco Bell there closing, and thewronghands killed a lot of time with her posts about a Ninja TV game show, with winners - and a competition for girl ninjas! Lord, then there was the sick and wrong thing panzerwalt posted ... all proof that there are more things on heaven and earth than are dreamt of in my philosophy.

PS: Tomorrow will mostly be about getting over my cold and I'm not making any other plans.
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