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Comments on the Iowa primary

I've been having a bit of a time catching up on the news - three hours online last night.

Somewhere, somewhere I read that Hillary would make a better president than Obama because she's "got White House experience."

All I could think is, "Well, so does Monica Lewinsky, but she's not running!" And then I went and watched the SNL bit with Chris Rock talking about Obama and Hillary and realized it was still funny.

Some people have said some pretty stellar thing about Obama's oratorial skills, like "he sounds like people I've only ever heard recordings of, because they're dead." (tac_neural, that was, actual quote, "I never expected to hear this kind of oratory in my life. Well, not from anything other than B&W archival footage of great people long dead, anyway." This also supported by Bob Herbert's NYT column.) Maybe I'll listen to some of his speeches. I've had to avoid listening to Bush talking because it always makes me cringe. "Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies!" - just please with GOOD GRAMMAR.

Have just taken som "Dolirhume," paracetamol and pseudoephedrine, and am going to lay on the couch and read for a while.
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