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In which the Democratic party of the State of Washington disenfranchises me

Wow. Because the Washington state Dems have chosen to go with a caucus for selecting the presidential candidate instead of doing it via ballot (with the Washington state primary election - a hollow fraud now, ignored by both parties), I am now

OFFICIALLY DISENFRANCHISED and unable to participate in the primary presidential elections in the United States. If you're not in the military, or going to church on Saturday, or disabled, they won't give you a waiver.

I would have to fly to the United States to physically participate.

I am furious. I will never give the Washington State Democrats another penny of my money.

PS: My cold has moved into my chest, and I wasn't having a fever again this afternoon - the office was for some reason at 26 degrees (85 or so for the 'merkins).
Tags: politics, whinging

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