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My cough drops are making me popular

I found a bag of Luden's honey cough drops and I'm passing them around the office. I was called an angel by one of my coworkers. It was very endearing.

Crap du jour: landlady wants to know where the rent increase that was supposed to go into effect in October has gone to and wants back rent to the tune of, oh, a few monthly travelcards. Shall attempt to postpone her until next month. Not sure why the paperwork never came to mine - I thought she'd decided against the rise since I was a good tenant! And I couldn't remember what the increase was because the "negotiations" with Foxtons was all done while I was not yet awake from a nap. Boo.

Gorgeous music (for thewronghands): I spend all day listening to Baroque FM, as it's "music to write test cases to" (no words), and yesterday I heard something totally brilliant: Emma Kirby singing a Bach Chaconne. I took down some notes ("Tombeau de la Partita," BVW 1004) and found a reference to it online (this one more informative but this Korean one appears to have music attached to it). Now I need to get an actual recording of it ...
Tags: colds suck, estate agents suck, music
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