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Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

It is TOTALLY gorgeous outside

Too bad I don't feel like doing anything as it's the right day for doing everything. That said, I really should get up the street to the Charing Cross walk-in clinic.

The cold currently wins as the lazy bastard's weight loss program. I'm down to 170 (likely dehydrated) pounds pre-breakfast. I'm tossing oatmeal, smoothie, and honey/ginger tea on top of that and expecting it'll help, at least with the dehydration. If I get below 168 by Friday, I'll be a bit worried about it, too, but I'm convinced what I've been shedding has been mostly goose fat and the cheese in the creamed corn gratin. 168 will be lower than I've been in months, so THAT will worry me.

Interestingly, I am not medicated at all right now - no cough syrup, no "Beecham's Active," not even any decongestant. The fact that the last three hours or so I was in bed (midnight to 11 in total, with nice long stretches of coughing to keep me up) would have also been without the benefit of any medicine is ... promising. But I shouldn't feel so "promised" that I don't go in to the clinic today.

Um, yeah. I've become a very boring writer this past week, haven't I?
Tags: colds suck, whinging
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