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I just want to party all the time, provided I can wear my jammies and lay on the couch

Well, the doctor trip thing wasn't so bad - except for the two hour wait. I was actually triaged in about 15 minutes, and then told I could see a doctor in half an hour ... only it didn't quite work out that way. Oddly, I found sitting in the waiting room relaxing. shadowdaddy was keeping me company, I had two different, highly entertaining books, and ... I had nothing to do. I couldn't clean the house, I couldn't do my shopping, and I couldn't feel bad about not being productive. All I had to do was sit. To be honest, by the time the doctor finally saw me, I was actually feeling not too bad, comparatively. That said, she said it seemed like I had someting bacterial on top of my viral, so even though the triage nurse said they weren't likely to give me any antibiotics, I came home with a prescription for erythromycin, which should start making me feel better in two days.

By the time we got back, the sun was starting to set, and I decided to have a little snacky-snack then pop over to Streatham to meet wechsler chez spikeylady 'cause, well, even though I'm sick I really wanted to SEE people, even if it was for just a bit, and I knew I could basically slop around on the couch and not say much and still enjoy being around people without expending much energy, and that I could leave after a fairly short time and no one would be offended. Which is what I did, and I am at home now, and I'm going to have a bit of soup and some Erithrowhatever and call my Saturday done.

(PS: Google map of one of the place we're going to visit in Egypt, in satellite view you can see the freaking temple! That is so cool!)

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