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Update on Proust's Sodom and Gomorrah

I have, sadly or amusingly, finished two books already this year. Sodom and Gomorrah, unfortunately, is not one of them. And, well, I haven't really been much up for reading it in the last week. That said, I'm at page 444, 70 away from the end, and not the least bit closer to getting a hardback copy of the Penguin new translation of The Prisoner and the Fugitive. What, did every library in the world buy a copy before it went out of print, and now no one will let go of theirs? Is a hardback copy of this novel just not an impulse purchase? Me, I need a copy I can carry around for five months or so and paperback just isn't cutting it. I don't want to hear any BS about US copyright law* keeping me from getting one, I just want the freaking book!

Oh yeah, and here's my schedule for the week. Key element: do nothing after work.

Sunday: nap sporadically, fetch things for shadowdaddy, drink hot toddies.
Monday: work, come home, see how shadowdaddy is doing.
Tuesday: work, come home, let wechsler make dinner for us.
Wednesday: work, come home, REALLY hope this cold is on its way out. Maybe see a movie across the street.
Thursday: work, come home, pack.
Friday: work, panic about trip, possibly go to birthday party. Please let the cold be over.
Saturday: er, leave on trip. This will be interesting ...

*It's sold out in England but hasn't even made it to the printers in the US, in case you care, and probably you don't.
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