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Getting back my breathing

Today Lofthouse's "Fisherman's Friend" are God. (They are one of three different cough drops I've got at my desk and they are making a difference.)

Other meds: Beechams Active (helping with the bad night's sleep) and Erythromycin. I haven't touched the cough syrup yet.

The Erhythromycin is making a positive difference. I am no longer doing nothing but suffering a cold; I am beating it back. I am now at "normal cold, fading" status, instead of "me, fading." I even walked up a flight of stairs on my way into work today. The feeling of pushing my way through clear gelatin as I walk down the street has passed. I am remembering I had bills to pay, a lease to deal with, shows I might want to see. Shows! I might see a show again! I may make plans for the future!

That said, I'm still taking it VERY quietly. The house appears to have fallen down around us in the last week and a half and we have a lot of work to do before Saturday just to catch up.

Ooh, and maybe today I'll have a real cup of tea again. Wouldn't that be a treat?

(PS: World falling apart? Elections gone mad? How about a nice article about spaghetti from the New York Times to cheer you up?)
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