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Virus, virus, go away, I need you gone by Saturday

I like to keep a journal as a record of what I do, but it's been so dull lately! At work yesterday I finished writing my test cases, a bit behind schedule. I hurried home as I was hungry, got a great seat on the Pic but then had to wait 10 minutes for a second District line train at Earl's Court (bleah, how can you win? - but at least my foot wasn't broken), then made tacos AND enchiladas. Afterwards, shadowdaddy and I sat on the couch doing budgety things for about two hours, trying to figure out if we can go out of town for Easter/when I'm going to Florida/the wedding in June (yes/no/one of us) and when we can get our US debt paid off. (Married people, we know how to party.) I tuckered out around 9:30 and spent half an hour reading Lost in a Good Book before I went to bed.

But really, so much of the last two weeks has been recovery, recovery. I put some lotion on my legs yesterday and realized I pretty much hadn't thought about the rest of my body or done any personal maintenance the whole time I've been sick other than feeding myself cold suppression medication. The erythromycin has been tearing up my guts, and I've attacked it the last two days with a double whammy of iron pills and oatmeal. It seems to have worked yesterday.

I do think I'm getting better as my energy levels have returned (I actually walked up two flights of steps yesterday!) but my neck is still really sore. I am tired of being sick! And can I add what a thrill it was to come home yesterday to a cleaned house? It's been falling apart around us for two weeks, and to see all of those shiny surfaces and an empty sink was just heaven! (Of course Boo did her best to undo this almost immediately.)

In an eight hour workshop today so off the LJ. This must be a relief to all on my flist as WHO WANTS TO READ MORE DULL POSTS LIKE THIS! I don't, really, so can I be better tomorrow?
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