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Somewhat better. "I absolutely must marry Albertine."

It was pointed out that 1) I am still sick and 2) I am likely tired, and that these things are probably not doing anything to lighten my spirits. And I have been fed now (thanks to wechsler for coming over and making us spaghetti carbonara, and saving my bacon, as it were) and am lolling about and I feel better. I don't really feel up to dealing with the lease quite yet. He also brought over sleeping bags for our trip, for which I am quite grateful.

OH! I just finished Proust volume 5 (or whatever), Sodom and Gomorrah. What a relief to not be carrying that big thing around with me anymore! The book was mostly about people's personal foibles, how they lie to other people (or try to mislead them) and imagine no one can tell. It was very enjoyable, as all of the other volumes of Remembrance of Things Past have been. Next stop, The Prisoner and the Fugitive, of which I am STILL in search of a hardbound volume (new Penguin edition only, the Vintage one is available but not the translation I want). As usual, I will take a break between this and starting the next, but it is my hope that I will indeed finish the entire work (two volumes to go) by the end of the year. (The last four pages of this book probably bear re-reading as they feel like one of those big build-ups he's had in the other novels, but this done just didn't hit me as hard as the one caused by the madeleines and the one that ended with him getting slapped in the face. Was it just not such a big event, or was I just not receptive to what he was saying?)

For some reason I was missing my house today.

I am going to be lazy and not take a shower tonight or tomorrow morning. I will use that time to do more sleeping instead.
Tags: colds suck, proust, sodom and gomorrah

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