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Heaven isn't a place on earth

Gary Ridgeway killed so many women "I have a hard time keeping them straight." How can there be hell when people like him walk among us? It's creepy that we had the same thing up in Vancouver, the guy with the pig farms. They both picked prostitutes because they figured no one would notice that they were missing. What's wrong with this society that people can drop so far off of anyone's radar?

After we saw the Matrix: Revolutions today, I hustled home and got some swimming in at the Medgar Evers pool. Then I met Cathy at Mesob for some dinner, and we came over to my place for free drinks, a warm house, and Puerto Rico. I beat her mercilessly at 69 to 54 - I'm guessing it was the Buccaneer strategey with the boat-clogging strategy - combined with her just letting me take captain first too many times. Of course, the spiked hot apple cider might have had something to do with it. Captain Morgan, were you on my side?

Tomorrow is going to be incredibly busy. I have to learn everything I can in just one day to be prepared for the prop at 3 AM Saturday, including two meetings during the day and verifying the new build. Then I'm going to see the 7:30 ballet at PNB - all by myself. It's sad to think that this time last year I got a crew of 10 to go to the ballet with me, and now I'm down to zero. Doubtlessly this is because of the increase in ticket prices.

My sister told me yesterday she is going to be buying a house, and I transferred some money into her account today for her to use as a down payment. She has said she'd pay me back, but Worthy Opponent said he didn't care if we just gave it as a gift, and after a little thought I didn't care, either - it's just too much of a burden to ask to have that paid off on top of the mortgage and stuff. I'm really so proud of her! And for some silly reason I'm so happy that I can help her out. How did I ever get to be such a softie?

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