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Poor little kitty - torturing me so

I woke up last night hearing my geriatric cat yowling hideously in the downstairs bathroom where we've been keeping her pent up. Suddenly I wondered if all of this noise was due to pain rather than just hairballs. The last two days she's peed in some very unusual spots. Although I thought she'd hit all of the possibilities before, she managed to find some new ones: the newspaper next to the toliet and the floor of the bathroom itself. I seem to recall reading that when a cat is peeing in unusual spots that, provided the catbox is clean and access is unimpeded, this may be a sign that they are looking for a more physically comfortable place to go. This makes me wonder if her kidney failure is starting to cause her some pain. But generally speaking she doesn't seem to be suffering - she just seems lonely. I never thought I'd miss cleaning up the huge puddles she'd been spraying in the catch-tray I put in front of her catbox, but I'd like to know that she's still maintaining her health rather than backsliding.

For some reason all of this - simply thoughts in my head that made my heart race - made it very difficult for me to get to sleep. I had "I Eat Cannibal" playing in my head (man!), it was too hot, Boo's fur was tickling my nose, Worthy Opponent was breathing on me. I kicked off a quilt, then then the comforter, then turned off the heater, tossed back and forth, then finally grabbed a blanket and slept on the couch. Of course I dropped like a stone and woke up at 6 AM with all sorts of cramps from not being able to stretch out properly. Ultimately, I wound up in at work late-ish again because of sleeping until 8 AM, and to top it off I look like crap, with fab bags under my eyes.

I was convinced by my brother to give up on Ricardo Pinto's "The Chosen." This quote by Dorothy Parker sums up his review:
"This is not a novel to be tossed aside lightly. It should be thrown with great force."
This frees me to devote my time to "Kushiel's Chosen," which I'm enjoying far more! I'm also thinking about joining Chris's SF book club ...

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