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Countdown until departure

Well, here we are at the end of the trip, me on the web in the hotel lobby. Nice to just use a real keyboard for a change; it looks like some of the entries are a bit whacked and need some editing when i get home.

Tell me: what news have I missed out there in the "real world" in the last week? I'll take personal or political. I've completely stayed away from newspapers the whole time I've been here, mostly because I didn't have a choice, but, really, it was nice to just chill out and not worry about it. Oddly, the only good conversations I had with people the whole time I was here were because of my news reading; water policy and the fluctuations of the energy market and benefits of using water/coal/solar, I am well versed in these things. Most people would find them dull, I'm sure.

I have picked up a bunch of nice little presents for people here and there. I hope the people I got them for like them, and I hope that anyone I didn't get presents for isn't too peeved at me.

We are both quite worn out - not worse than we were before the trip, but my cold is still here (it drove me out of the restaurant last night) and J has hardly had a spare moment to rest his foot so it's made little progress either. I knew this pace was going to be a bit punishing but truth be told I had no idea how much so for us, not being at 100% as we were. This morning we couldn't even get out of the hotel to do something fun, but slept for 11 hours (again, the second time we've had the opportunity to sleep past 7 AM and we took the opportunity gratefully) and took it VERY easy. Next week I'll be keeping it as light as I can, previous commitments excepted, and I'm guessing I'll do the same the week after and until this damned cold is finally done and gone.

Miss you all, looking forward very much to being in a place where I can guarantee I can get 9 hours of sleep every night and I don't have people smoking in every public space I step into, but I'll miss the yummy food here rather a lot. See you soon.
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