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Words I never thought I'd be saying in Cairo

"I'll take two McArabias and an order of fries."

(They even had matching red hijabs for the girls to wear!)

Note also an article in the New York Times saying that we really need to cut down our meat consumption - world wide. I get the feeling there is much less factory farming in the UK than there is in the US on a per-capita basis, at least as near as I can tell based on the cost of meat here (much higher) and the flavor (way better). But it does make me want to keep with the "eat less meat" plans I started after New Year's. (Anyone want to come over to mine for a vegetarian Egyptian feast on Saturday? Provided J and I are healthy enough to manage, it could be fun ...)

And for you SF or theater buffs (how rarely do these worlds collide), a great article about Patrick Stewart. His Macbeth is going to NYC, and what a treat it will be for them!

My throat is kind of swelling up again and I'm thinking I should do less talking for the rest of the day. Hurray for lemon ginger tea. And note that today I'm wearing clothes that 1) I didn't sleep in 2) aren't muddy or streaked with suntan lotion 3) I haven't worn at least twice in the last week if not three or more times. Can I tell you how good that feels? I can also tell that I'm much healthier than I was when I left, as I was able to walk to lunch (£5 set menu with Josh at the Malabar Junction) and not get the least bit tired, but I would like the coughing to go away. My thoughts in general are that I had a GOOD trip but I did not have a good time as I was not really well enough to enjoy myself or keep up with the pace. So I do very much recommend On the Go for a great vacation, but for heaven's sake make sure you're ready for it!
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