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You win some, you lose some

The score is now Night Nurse: 1, Irritating Cold: 1. (Yes, I was up coughing a lot last night, and I had dreams about my mom chasing me around the house with a knife while my aunt was telling me what a bad daughter I was to her. At least I could sleep between coughing fits.) I have very charming circles under my eyes now. Clearly the going to bed at 9:30 thing is good for me as it has been giving me enough pillow time to make up for the time lost due to coughing, but my midnight return last night didn't do me any favors. And I think I forgot to take my amoxicillin this morning due to being tired - and I left it at home. Bad, tired, stupid me.

There's a travel article about Cairo in the New York Times today that includes a slide show that has the pictures I wish I had taken of modern life in Egypt. They also went places I didn't have time to make it to, but, oh well, I can always go back, after I visit Greece and Turkey and Morocco and ...

I did make it through Othello last night in one piece but I don't really have time to write a review right now. It was really cool to be about six inches away from Ewan McGregor, but we were both wearing all too many clothes for my taste.
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