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Singing that same old song

You know, I have now been sick for so long that it is getting me down. I had a coughing fit two nights ago that nearly had me crying from the unrelenting misery of this idiotic illness. Please, please by Sunday let me be really feeling better.

We're having (surprise) a night in. shadowdaddy didn't want to do any walking and I didn't want to have to stay awake past about 9. So we're cooking dinner at home (this is an improvement over our general abilities over the last several weeks, when "doing shopping" and "standing for more than 10 minutes" were really pushing us). Dinner is marinated rack of lamb (from the nice butcher on Theobald's Road) and HACK HACK HACK squash risotto. Afterwards we're going to watch Shaolin Soccer, because going to a movie anywhere further than across the road seemed like too much work and there ain't nuttin' funny showing there right now (Sweeney Todd and No Country for Old Men, I don't think so).

And I feel like an incompetent moron at work, doubtlessly in part because I was so tired today I couldn't think straight, but still, I think I'm a disappointment to my boss.

And J is supposed to go to New York for work and it will have him there over Easter because, well, his brother is there and he'd like to see him, but because he's mostly there for a conference there's no point in my going there and spending, what, four days looking at a hotel room. I hate doing shit by myself.

I need cheering up and sleep and health.
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