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February, the dreariest of months

Man, where did January go? Not that you can tell by looking out the window that it's not still January: it's cold and grey and miserable. And let's hear it for the District line shenanigans yesterday that had a queue of people asking for refunds at Putney Bridge and a fat wad of them buying train tickets at the Putney mainline station yesterday. (There were also rather many of them getting tickets from the transit police at Waterloo: I suspect they'd become impatient and not waited for the queue in favor of a quicker commute.) I do now have my annual season pass, though. :-)

Yesterday was a very quick-paced day at work. I had someone grab me for a "red-issues meeting" before I'd even taken my coat off, and the rest of the day raced by. I felt pretty pleased I managed to not take any cough syrup or decongestants but I had to in the middle of the night last night and I'm really beat today, even though I tried to get to bed early. However, it probably should have been ten o'clock early instead of eleven o'clock early. I'd gone to a meeting after work and even though it wrapped near 8, it took me until 9:30 to get home an dmy energy had long left me. I did mange to pick up a paperback copy of The Prisoner and the Fugitive on my way back, but I didn't really have the energy to read it. But I've got it now: first week of February, next stop on the great Proust highway, current milage 0. It's got to be better than Brideshead Revisted. Why is that supposed to be a classic, anyway? It's incredibly boring.
Tags: colds suck, prisoner and the fugitive, proust, public transportation in london sucks, rage against the dying of the light, reading

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