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Friday isn't always the best day of the week

At this morning's meeting about the project I'm managing (from a QA perspective), I said that we were on a road trip, we were low on gas, the car was making funny noises, and we were on the verge of winding up on the side of our road, in the middle of the day, in the desert, with no gas, no water, and our engine fallen out of the car - because we just kept on driving.

Later I said, "So we think things look kind of bad, and then Javier Bardem shows up with an airgun. Might we consider hitting the rest stop for some repairs and refueling before we continue this journey?" And we will, the project has been stopped, but I'm still coming in to work tomorrow because it's not out of the woods yet and they pay me double time for Saturdays.

Other notes: picked up some yummy food for this weekend at the Theobald's Road butcher again, but am currently feeling incredibly peeved by RyanAir's general crap-ness. Let's charge you money if you are a non-EU passenger just so you can check in at the airport. And if you check ANY bags, we will charge you for that, too. As a contact lens wearer, I can't get a liquid bottle of sterile saline small enough to pass airport security these days, so I have to check bags. And their bag limit is 10 kilos for carry on and 15 kilos for any checked bag. It really makes me angry that they will add on £20 for things I basically can't avoid, unless I don't fly them. And I won't: I'm going Air Italia. It'll take two hours more but I'll ultimately save £70 and not freak out about bringing home a bottle of wine in my luggage. Bastards.

I also broke down and ordered the next Sookie Stackhouse vampire detective novel, because I really enjoyed the one I read in December and I've been looking for it for a month now and it's just time to admit I can't get it used and fork over the simoleans. Proust is great but sometimes a girl needs a book she can't put down until the last stake is stuck (er, or the other killer is discovered), and Charlaine Harris is really taking care of that need for me - plus then I can read the other three books in the series that have been waiting for me since early December. MMmmm, sexy vampire detective novels!
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