Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維 (webcowgirl) wrote,
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Pavement Butterfly (Anna May Wong), and in which I throw in the towel

Well, I do like silents, but Pavement Butterfly didn't hit the heights I was hoping for. Yes, Anna May Wong was lovely to watch, but the plot was thin on the ground and there just weren't enough subtitles. The piano player who accompanied wasn't bad, but compared to the genius of the Mighty Wurlitzer at the Paramount Theater (and pre-created scores, and sound effects), this was just ... accompaniment. It wasn't a bad movie, just ... not great. Oh well, it was pleasant enough to get out.

That said, shadowdaddy and I are throwing the towel in on tomorrow's entertainment, a three and a half hour opera we booked tickets for back in December. Whatever, we can get our money back for these, but the thought of getting back home at 11:30 after what might or might not have been a good night's entertainment is more than either of us can bear. Benjamin Britten: better when you've got actual stamina, which we don't. We'll save our energy for other nights.
Tags: colds suck, darn that cat, movies, silent movies

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