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If spring has sprung (early), I must change my default. Seattle laffs.

I need a new spring icon, but this will do for now.

Reading an article on the Seattle times, I saw a little ad in the background for, "SLOG: the longest three hour drive in American history." (It linked to this site, where you can see the movie, and not the Slog that is The Stranger's blog ... we'll see if lawsuits follow.) What's funny, especially if you live in Seattle, is that I thought the whole while the ad was playing (before I turned on the sound) that it was an ad for a typical Seattle/Redmond commute - should take 20 minutes, in actuality can be much longer - or maybe for Seattle to Tacoma (40 minutes/frequently 90). Nope, in fact, it's for the supposed three hour drive between Seattle and Portland, which Horizon is recommending you handle by flying between the two cities (forgetting the two hour advance check in and of course the joy of getting two and from the airport, eh?).

I find depicting this drive as taking three hours EXTREMELY humorous, as this can only be done if you avoid 1) morning rush hour 2) afternoon rush hour 3) construction 4) weekend traffic. Seriously, I thought it was all about NORMAL commuting, not roadtripping. And, I wonder, why the heck isn't Amtrak using this kind of ad to promote taking the train? Not that that doesn't just as often as not mean you're going to be stuck on a bus, er, I mean, "replacement rail service," and dropped in the traffic with every other poor shmoe ... but at least you leave from the middle of downtown and arrive in the middle of downtown, in two cities with really good public transportation systems, natch ...
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