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Fun and games in the gothiest atmosphere

Tonight I went to this event called "Hide and Seek: the Sandpit" held at Shunt Lounge.

Wow. The space. All of these bricked arches high overhead. A bit musty. All of these bizarre set pieces tucked in here and there. A 50's game hall. A Turkish den. A house, in the distance.

Where I was going, there was piles of people playing games. A lot of them were the standard Fluxx/Chez Geek/Werewolf, but there were also games being trialled. I tried "Gossip," a version of werewolf in which you try to discover the dirty secret and down-low lover of your hated rival. I was the Cobbler, I hated the carpenter, I was dating the Actress and I .... was a flasher. Or so it said on my card. The actress and I secretly exchanged yellow roses at some point. It was fun but all took a little long. That said, the space was exquisite and I would like to make it my little private get together place, permanently.

Earlier in the evening I met babysimon in "Hoxton" and had dinner at Shish. This was supposed to be the "catch up with Simon and listen to what he's been up to" session but somehow I wound up talking rather a lot. It's been a long ten weeks and I've been a bit holed up over here in my flat, what with Christmas and the cold and the houseguest and all, and actually I had some stuff I've been sitting on, mentally. It was good to unload and while I'd feel like a bad friend for not listening more, it was probably a pretty equal exchange, so that's just what being friends is, isn't it?

Unfortunately at some point this evening (I suspect in the bar) I lost my lovely red and black paisley 100% acrylic pashmina. Oh pashmina of colors rare, when will I ever see your like again? And with that, it's time to donate some money to Obama and go to bed.
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